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About Timothy Maguire Chocolates

Timothy Maguire Chocolates is a farm to table concept located in the heart of Western North Carolina. Our mission is to use as many locally sourced ingredients to produce the finest products possible.


We use only local dairy where the cows are growth hormone, antibiotic free, and fed a healthy Non-GMO diet. Our confections are created using fruits, berries, nuts, and honey from local farms, including growing many of the ingredients on our own organic farm.

Our chocolates are distinguished by our artistic presentations. Every one of our chocolates is delicately airbrushed and hand painted to express their flavors through artistic design. Colored cocoa butter is applied into our custom molds to create abstract designs that shine like jewels.


Chocolate has always been regarded as one of the Worlds most prized luxury items.  We treat it as such by pairing it with healthy farm fresh flavors and stunning presentations that celebrate the beauty of the Appalachian Mountains.

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Tim has been classically trained throughout the world and was a private chef for over 20 years. His clients ranged from Hollywood elite, and world leaders to some of the wealthiest and discerning clients, who demanded a flawless four-star execution. The skills of attention to detail and balance of flavors, together with sublime presentation,  are now applied to chocolate making.

His creative passion has always been for the art of chocolate. He believes that we eat a savory meal because we are hungry, but we eat chocolate because it makes us happy.


He is now  fulfilling his  dream of owning his own chocolate business,  bringing his creativity to both  wholesale customers, and now to the public through our online store. We heard your requests!



I was visiting the Biltmore yesterday and came across your chocolate works of art! I’ve never eaten anything that was equally as beautiful as it was scrumptious! I am interested in knowing where I can purchase these incredible chocolate love drops?

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